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The Baltic nations — Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia — are each undergoing rapid growth and deepening their economic, financial, and political ties within both the EU and international actors. The Baltic Institute of Economics and International Relations strongly supports this interconnectedness, and envisions a thriving Baltic region with strong international ties.

Interest in the Baltics is at an unprecedented high, which has created a demand for empirical-based research to point to opportunities and guide decision making. The Baltic Institute exists to facilitate such an engagement, and to produce and disseminate first-rate economic, financial, and public policy research.

We have well-established and deep professional ties to the region. Each of us has a biography that began abroad — Germany, Canada, the U.S., and Japan — but our research interests have brought us to Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, where we have made strong contributions in teaching, research, and service within the regional academic community as professors and lecturers for several years at ISM University of Management and Economics.

Our research has been published in top economic, management and political science peer-reviewed academic journals, with strong impact in the region and internationally. They have a record of disseminating our research at local and international conferences, and in local media outlets including print, radio and television. We have also, in one capacity or another, served as consultants, advisors or editors to European and regional authorities, firms or agencies.

Our Team

The Founders

Aras Zirgulis

Senior Economist and Partner

Dr. Aras Zirgulis is an Associate Professor at ISM University. His research covers several fields within economics. Originally from Los Angeles, he has been living in Lithuania since 2008.

Tom Hashimoto

Finance Specialist and Director

Tom Hashimoto specialises in post-socialist transition under the discipline of law and economics. In particular, he analyses regulatory issues shaping the institutionalisation of various economic incentives in advanced business services.

Maik Huettinger

Senior Economist and Partner

Prof. Dr. Maik Huettinger’s primary expertise is in the area of International Economics/Trade and Corporate Responsibility. Originally from Bavaria/Germany, he has been living in Central and Eastern Europe for more than 15 years.

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